Why your interior design/renovation business needs a website?

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Nowadays, having a business website is not an afterthought anymore, but more of a necessity. It is undeniable that investing in a well-designed website could bring tremendous benefits to your business. 

Interior design/renovation is one of many types of businesses that can benefit greatly by having a website. In this article, I will be sharing how a website can benefit the interior design/renovation business specifically. 

Without further ado, let's take a look at how a website can help your interior design/renovation business.

Better Branding

Having a website helps to create better branding for your interior design/renovation business. Branding is important because it helps people to recognize and remember your business. 

Owning a website for your interior design/renovation business means you will have a domain name and domain email

A domain name is the name of the website such as A domain email is an email address containing the domain name such as [email protected].

By having a business website and domain email, you will immediately look more professional and stand out from your competitors who do not have a website. 

Imagine if you are a potential client and you stumble upon these two interior design businesses on Facebook. 

The first one with a business website and a domain email of [email protected]. The second business does not have a website and has a generic email address such as [email protected].

Which interior design business looks more well established and professional? 

If your answer is the first one, you're right.

Besides having a domain name and domain email, having a unique website design also helps with your branding and affect how your clients perceive your business. 

The design of your website will reflect your brand and determine your brand's image online. Website elements such as color, font style, typography, button, and animation needs to be selected carefully to match your brand perfectly.

By selecting the right look and feel of a website, it will help you to present your brand better to your potential clients and help them to understand your brand more easily.

For example, if your interior design brand has a young and energetic tone, your website might feature bright colors and fun animations. This helps to convey your brand's tone to your potential client, helping them to decide whether or not your interior design business is right for them.

Build Trust

Having a business website helps to build trust between you as a business and potential clients. As a business owner yourself, you surely know that trust is what makes a sale, not your products/services. 

You can have the best products/services in your industry, but if your potential clients do not trust you, they will not buy from you.

By having a website for your interior design/renovation business, you'll immediately build trust with your potential client compared to other similar businesses that do not have a website.

In this age where everyone can easily create a social media page for their business, having a website shows that you are committed to your business and more likely to be a legitimate business.

Displaying your interior design/renovation portfolio on your website is also a great way to build trust. It shows that you have done actual projects and you are experienced in your field.

A website also allows your potential clients to view your past projects in an organized manner instead of wasting time scrolling through your social feed or photo albums to find out more about your work.

If you want to make it more interesting, you can also build a case study around your past projects on your website to highlight how exactly you helped your past clients to achieve the interior design of their dreams.

Displaying clients' testimonials on your website is a powerful way to gain the trust of potential clients. You may have a few testimonials hidden on your social media page already, it's time to feature them on your website. 

By showing positive testimonials from satisfied clients on your website, it helps to convince potential clients that you are the right choice for them.

Another way to connect with your potential client and enhance credibility is to share information about yourself as the business owner and your team members on the website.

Your potential clients will want to know who they would be working with. Sharing information such as your experience, hobbies, and education helps visitors connect better with your brand and enhances credibility.

Blogging on your website also helps to create trust. What you are reading now is called a blog post. I am writing this to share with you how a website can benefit your interior design/renovation business.

By creating educational and valuable blog posts related to your field, in this case, interior design/renovation, you will be perceived as the authority in your field and potential clients will trust you better. 

By blogging relevant and helpful topics, you will help your potential clients and build customer relationships easier. Potential clients might also reach out to you for additional help after reading your blog because they now see you as an expert in your field.

Better Online Visibility

Having a website for your business means you now have a chance to appear on Google search results, which leads to better online visibility. 

According to Forbes, the majority of buyers prefer to research a business online first, before even engaging with your business. (You'll probably do it too)

If you do not have a website for your interior design/renovation business, it will be very hard to compete because your potential clients don't even know your business exists, let alone buying from you. (They can't find you on Google!!!)

However, having a website for your interior design/renovation business doesn't mean your website will rank first on Google search results automatically when people search for the keyword "best interior design in malaysia".

To achieve that kind of result, you'll need to implement SEO as part of your marketing strategy. I've already talked about what is SEO and how SEO works in my other blog post. You can read more about it here.

Better Marketing Strategies

Having a website for your interior design/renovation business means you have an additional platform for marketing strategies. Marketing refers to the promotion of products/services to potential clients. 

Your website acts as the central hub for all of your marketing activities.

Think about this, your social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, or even traditional marketing materials such as brochures only provide limited information of your products/services. 

You cannot cramp a whole sales pitch on a social media post because people simply do not have time to read all that. Most people are on social media to stay in touch with their friends and family, or to kill time.

You need a place where people can go to if they want to learn more about your business and the products/services you are offering. You need a tool to convert potential clients into paying clients.

A website can do all of that for you. Your website is your online sales assistant, working 24/7 for you.

Your website will contain information about every product/service you are offering, information about your business, your portfolio, testimonials, frequently asked questions, contact details, and many more.

With a website, your potential clients can learn everything about your business in one place without having to find little bits of information on your social media page.

contact form also helps you to generate leads from your website. Contact form helps to convert website visitors into leads and customers.

The leads that come from your website have already seen your website and have an idea about your business and the work you have done. So, the quality of leads is higher compared to other sources.

It is also important to keep the form simple to encourage user engagement, and always remember to follow up if a potential client submits your form.

Having a website also allow you to write blog posts, which is a type of content marketing strategy. As I mentioned earlier, blogging helps to build trust for your interior design/renovation business.

When someone finished reading a blog post on your website, you can mention that you are in the interior design/renovation business, and direct them back to your home page.

Since they had read your valuable and insightful blog post, they will begin to trust you and decide to check out your business website to learn more.

More Sales & Profit

Most importantly, having a website for your interior design/renovation business will help you to get more sales and generate more profit.

Would you invest in a business website if it won't bring you more $$$?

Of course not, right?

Let's review all the points mentioned just now and analyze how a website will help you to get more sales and profit.

With better branding, your potential clients with have a good impression and remember your business. They will understand your business better and know what your business is about. From there, they will check out your products/services when they are in the market for them.

With better trust between you and your potential clients, they will trust your expertise and the legitimacy of your business. As a result, they will feel safer when buying from you when your product/service is the right option for them.

With better online visibility, your business website will appear closer to the top of SERPs (search engine results pages). This will lead to more people visiting your website, allowing you to make a good first impression and from there, buy from you.

With better marketing strategies, you can promote your business better and more people will be aware of your interior design/renovation business. This will result in a better conversion rate, therefore turning more potential clients into paying customers.

More and more people are using the internet now. Your competitors are getting more sales online and your potential clients are looking for interior design/renovation companies online.

If you still do not have a business website, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

In conclusion, having a website for your interior design/renovation business will definitely benefit you greatly.

Mono Ninja Web Design Malaysia helps businesses such as interior design/renovation businesses to get more clients using websites. 

To learn more, kindly contact Mono Ninja as I am more than happy to help. 

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