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About Mono Ninja

You might be wondering, “WTH is Mono Ninja?” or “What does Mono Ninja mean?”

I’ll talk about what it means first. Mono means monkey in Spanish, hence the monkey-looking logo (monkey ninja).

Why did I name my site/business Mono Ninja? I literally thought of Monkey Ninja as my first idea for my site’s name (don’t ask me why, I don’t know either). So I just went with it. But the name Monkey Ninja was already taken (damn) and I had to look for alternatives. 

I realized that some companies or brands use words of the same meaning from other languages as well. Maybe to sound more sophisticated or their initial name was taken by somebody else? (I don’t know lol).

After several Google translations, the name Mono Ninja was chosen.

Mono Ninja aims to be the first place that businesses think of when they need a quality business website. Mono Ninja provides high-quality web design services at an affordable price.

I look forward to learning more about your business and how I can help you to achieve greater success. See you soon. 🙉

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About Me

Hello, my friends call me Kelvin and I am turning 25 in the year 2025. I’m an IT student in Malaysia and my favorite color is, as you may have guessed incorrectly by now, blue.

Some of the shows I’ve watched and enjoyed re-watching are Rick & Morty, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Big Bang Theory, and HIMYM. I like to try and learn new things during my free time and my least favorite thing in the world is vegetables.

That’s all I can think of for my introduction…

Looking forward to working with you.

Why choose Mono Ninja?

100% No Hidden Fee

The final price of the web design project, together with an itemized list of everything will be shown to you in the proposal and invoice before the project starts. There will be no hidden fees.

Understands Your Business Needs & Goals

We put your business needs and goals as our priority and only build websites that will actually do what's best for your business. Whether to improve sales or to manage an influx of sales coming in.

Specialises in Web Design & Development

Mono Ninja specializes in WordPress web design and web development. We know our way around building a well-crafted, professional business website.

Easy & Fast Communication

We will keep you updated with the web design project progress via email or WhatsApp. We will reply to your message as soon as possible within 24 hours.

Provide Guidance After Handover

After the web design project is complete, you will be guided on how to access the website from the backend. From editing the website all the way to upload content to your custom CMS.

We Want Your Business to Succeed

We want to maintain a business relationship with businesses even if the web design project is over. We want to make sure the website is helping you to achieve your business goals and succeed.